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Paving the way towards net-zero for the UK’s carbon-intensive foundation industries

RECTIFI is a ground-breaking project that brings together the steel, cement and recycling industries, promising to avoid almost 5 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent from entering the earth’s atmosphere a year.

The partners will build a brand-new circular supply chain, developing high-quality grades of recycled steel for the production of low carbon impact ‘green steel’. They will also develop sustainable mineral-rich alternatives for the production of cement, utilising materials such as glass, concrete and other mineral fractions that are separated during the steel recycling process.

“RECTIFI highlights how the solution to two of the biggest challenges facing the UK – how to decarbonise the steel and cement industries – is now within reach.”

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RECTIFI Partner Darlow Lloyd Profile

An important company involved with the RECTIFI project is industrial waste management firm Darlow Lloyd. The firm has decades of experience with re-using and utilising waste material which would otherwise end up in landfill.

Awards nomination

Groundbreaking RECTIFI project shortlisted for award

RECTIFI has been shortlisted alongside sustainable partnerships led by businesses including Diageo, AT&T and Heineken. The winner will be announced at the World Sustainability Awards on 19 October at the Garden of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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RECTIFI rartnership to cut 5 million tonnes per year of CO2 with new recycled materials

RECTIFI paves way for "radical shift" towards net-zero for UK's carbon-intensive foundation industries

Reducing Embedded Carbon Through Transformation In Foundation Industries

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